MacOS Installed VDI Client But Keep Being Redirected To Download VDI Client

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Issue Description

MacOS log in to VDI via Safari browser (version 14.0 and above), and keep being redirected to download the VDI Client. Even though the VDI Client has been installed.

Handling Process

1. On the website, right click to Inspect Element.

2. Retrieve the URL from the Summary.
i. Go to Network.
ii. View All.
iii. Click on the CSAgent.
iv. Copy the URL "" only.
- URL may vary in a different environment.
NOTE: the &callback=EA_cb10002 at the end of the URL is not required.  

3. On Safari, open a new tab and visit the copied URL, then Trust the URL.
- the download redirection should have been resolved.

Root Cause

Because the IP was not trusted, so the request was denied.


Refer to the handling process.


If the scenario varies from above or the solution doesn't work, kindly consult specialist or R&D for further verification.
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