aDeploy Upgrade Pre-Check Prompts "Failed to obt"

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Issue Description

Using the aDeploy tool to perform the pre-upgrade assessment, and prompts an alert of "Failed to obtain IPMI information".

Error/Warning Information


Handling Process

1. Check and make sure the IPMI of the node is accessible.
2. Check if the ipmi modules have all loaded properly from system backend.

Command: e "lsmod | grep ipmi"
- make sure all these 3 modules are present. (ipmi_devinf, ipmi_si and ipmi_msghandler)
*If those modules aren't complete, execute command below to reload the module.
- ensure the command sequence is as above image.

2. Try to grab ipmi logs from system backend.
- SEL value returns has no entries.
- probably due to the IPMI log is empty.

3. Try generating some logs to the IPMI.

4. Execute cluster health check again from aDeploy.
- the alert has been resolved.

Root Cause

IPMI SEL log is empty.


Refer to the handling process.


If the scenario varies from above or the solution doesn't work, kindly consult specialist or R&D for further verification.
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