【Ended】# Give Wishes [Crazy New Year Party-Event Two]

Sangfor Selene Posted 20 Dec 2021 11:00


Hi everyone,

2022 is coming! Happy New Year to all of you guys! Everyone may have wishes in the new year. Why not share your wishes for the year 2022 and invite your friends to give likes to you?

[Activity Award]
1. Best Popularity Award: 1000 coins (10 participants)
-Qualification: This award will be selected by the activity host based on the ‘Like’ that your topic obtained on the Sangfor Community and social media.

2. Lucky Award: 100 Coins
-Qualification: This award will be selected based on your comment number #????1 (from #1, #11…to #1991), #????8 (from #8,#18… to #1998).

3. Participation Award: 200 Coins (No Limited)
-Qualification: All participants who meet the requirements.

[How to Join]
Step 1: Create a post and choose [sharing topic] in Sangfor community.

Step 2: The title of the post should start with” #Give wishes.”

Step 3: Share your post on Facebook, and Twitter and add the following text.
Hey guys, will you give a thumb-up to my wish shared on Sangfor community to help me win gifts? + your post link


Step 4: Leave a comment with your post link under this thread.

[Activity Duration]
Dec 20th, 2021 - Jan 2nd, 2022

[Activity Rules]
1.The wishes you shared should include no less than 20 words.
2.The wishes you shared is not limited. You can share your wishes to yourself, your families, your friends and to Sangfor Community.

How to share your topic on social media?

How to check the comment number?


Everyone can participate in Event One and Event Two.

Click here to know more about the Crazy New Year Party

-------------------------------------/ Coins Giveaway /---------------------------------------------

Congratulate the following participants on getting the Best Popularity Award and winning 1000 coins.
@Dominic Hendro

Congratulate the following participant  on getting the Lucky Award and winning 100 coins.
@Farina Ahmed

The following participants have got 200 coins for their participation in this event.
@chepadrinao @Liza Perez @Johnbada @Farina Ahmed @Dominic Hendro @Apriyanto @Muhammad Bilal @adam_ssc @Christ Lee

1.All coins have been given out on Jan,4,2022.
2.The following situation can't meet the requirements of participation award.
    a.The wishes shared is less than 20 words
    b.The post is not original
Sangfor Selene Posted 20 Dec 2021 11:01