Installed Easyconnect But Keep Prompting Download Easyconnect

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Issue Description

The user has installed Easyconnect, but when accessing NGAF’s SSLVPN with a browser (IE, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome), it still shows that the client update failed, please download and install Easyconnect again.

Handling Process

1. The 360 antivirus software and Windows firewall have been disabled, and the re-installation does not work even after installing Easyconnect as an administrator.
2. Use Sangfor helper tool to scan and fix any problem. After the repair, it is still not working.
3. Check the 54530 port of the computer and found the ECAgent.exe process is working.
4. Try to disable these two options from the Internet settings.
5. After disabled it, access NGAF’s SSLVPN again via browser, no more prompt was displayed.


Disable these two options from the Internet settings.
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