VM In VMware Unable To Backup After Manage By ACMP

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Issue Description

VM in VMware unable to backup after manage by aCMP.
There is no backup option in VM summary page.
Besides, when creating scheduled backup policy, there is no VMware availability zone.

Handling Process

  • Go to VM summary page but there is no Backup tab.
  • Go to Reliability Center > Scheduled Backup/CDP, but the VMware availability zone does not shown.
  • Go to Disaster Recovery for backup.

Root Cause

After VMware is managed by aCMP, the VM can only be backup in Disaster Recovery.


  • After VM has been managed by aCMP, the VM run on VMware can only be backup with Disaster Recovery.
  • Go to Reliability Center > Disaster Recovery.
  • Go to Sites > Add Site for VMware.
  • Go to Disaster Recovery Task and create corresponding DR task to backup the VM running on VMware.

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