Max bandwidth per user limitation not taking effect

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Issue Description

User configured bandwidth management, enable “Max Bandwidth Per User” and set each user maximum can reach until 512Kb/s, but inside the User traffic ranking, can see the user speed already over 512 Kb/s.

Handling Process

1. Checked bandwidth management configured by user, enabled with “Max Bandwidth Per User”, outbound and inbound set to 512Kbps, this policy is put at the top and the object choose all.
2. Checked User ranking by traffic is over 512 Kbps.
3. Checked IP is not in global exclusion list and exclusion rule.
4. Checked device is in route deployment, 2 WAN links and configured with route robin.
5. Checked the setting is clone this channel to all other lines and caused the user able to use over 512Kbps which maxmium is 1024Kbps.
6. Discussed with user, user request the maximum bandwidth for each user is 256Kbps.


Change "Max Bandwidth Per User" to 256 Kbps.
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