VDC After Update Prompt VMP Version Mismatch

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Issue Description

After performing update, on VDC prompt an alarm said VMP version mismatch.

Handling Process

  • Click on the All Alarms, and check the date whether it occurs on the date performing update.  If it occurs on the date of performing update, after update it does not have the same alarm which means it is normal.
  • Delete those alarms, and problem solved.

Root Cause

When we performing update, normally we will first update VMP then only we will update VDC. In another word after we update VMP, VDC will detect the version of VMP not match with VDC so it will prompt alarm. But after we update both VMD and VDC, they are in same version so it will not continue generate the alarm.


It required user to delete it manually, after delete it will not prompt anymore.
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