VLAN configuration not working

S.Pont Max Posted 08 Jun 2019 07:22

I've Sangfor NGAF45, i've a problem with vlan configuration.
The actual situation is:
ETH1 - LAN interface IP:
ETH2 - WAN Interface

one VLAN interface:
veth.2 - IP:

Routing between lan and wan working ok
i've no set a sub-interface.
The problem is that VLAN not working, if i set manually ip addresses of the vlan on one PC i can ping the other pc's on vlan but not gateway ( and i cannot go outside on internet.
So... vlan seems to be created ok but i cannot ping gateway and no navigation.
What is the correct procedure to set a vlan that can go on internet and can inter-communicate with the IP class set on ETH1 physical interface?

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To goto internet you need you setup SNAT.
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sami18ahmed Lv1Posted 10 Jun 2019 09:55
To goto internet you need you setup SNAT.

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