IAM 12.0.13 is released.

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What’s New

Sangfor Internet Access Management (IAM) 12.0.13 is the latest version to introduce multiple powerful features like Sangfor Business Intelligence. Sangfor Business Intelligence is powered by IAM and built to give an intellectual and intuitive view of the organization as a whole, enabling superior and comprehensive risk management, informed decision making and IT value generation.   

Sangfor Internet Access Management (IAM) 12.0.13 introduces the following new features and enhancements:

Business Intelligence

1. Bandwidth Analytics
The Bandwidth Analytics application is used to analyze and visualize Internet bandwidth usage including bandwidth overload analysis, bandwidth-intensive application distribution and tracking of the most active applications and users, offering intuitive insight on bandwidth utilization.

2. Internet Access Analytics
The Internet Access Analytics application monitors network traffic and security on a private network where a single IAM unit is deployed. Traffic data supplied by the IAM unit and security data supplied by the NGAF unit assist in visualizing and managing overall network access and threats.

3. Event Analytics
The Event Analytics application helps in discovering potentially risky events by analyzing the subsequent online behaviors of related users, discovering vulnerabilities at an early stage and enabling proactive prevention of the development of malicious events.

4. Leased Line Analytics
The Leased Line Analytics application is used to visualize load and throughput on leased lines, as well as real time traffic ranking by application and user, providing more comprehensive information for administrators responsible for expansion of leased line bandwidth.

5. Electricity Waste Analytics
The Electricity Waste Analytics application identifies and analyzes office PC electricity waste and estimates costs by user or department, making the IT department more productive and valuable in cooperative operations.

Add link to Sangfor community

In order to offer a better experience and faster response to customer questions, we have added a link to the Sangfor Community in the IAM management interface, providing a portal for customers to raise questions and suggestions in the community.

Upgrade for this release:

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