#Configuration# Installation for SANGFOR HCI

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#Configuration# Installation for SANGFOR HCI
Product: HCI
1. Introduction
1.1 Scenario
Sangfor HCI software provides an Enterprise-class cloud management platform which integrates resources, such as compute, networking and storage, etc. It is often defined according to requirements of business system and can help to build data center and deploy business system more easily. It combines compute, networking andstorage capabilities onto industry-standard x86 servers by using virtualization technologies. All the resources are aggregated into a resource pool on node basis that is easy to scale out. Sangfor HCI is a suit of software which isinstalled on a physical server, and used to virtualize servers and resources of physical server (CPU/memory/storage, etc), and to provide guest operating systems with complete hardware system functions and independent operating environment, which are called virtual machines.
1.2 Requirements
  • Beforeinstallation, a number of physical servers are needed. Performance of virtualmachines is determined by that of server’s CPU, memory, and storage. The betterthe server’s performance, the better virtual machine’s user experience will be.Additionally, there are some requirements for the physical server on which youwant to install the Sangfor HCI software.
  • Theserver’s CPU must support Intel Intel Virtualization Technology(VT) or AMD-V.For some servers, it is required to enable VT-x in BIOS.
  • Memoryof the server must be greater than 16GB.
  • Freedisk space of the server must be greater than or equal to 60GB. To run virtual machines, data disk is also required. You can use external iSCSI or FC storage,or build virtual storage by configuring SSD and HDD.
  • The server must have at least 4 NICs.

2. Configuration Guide
2.1 Installing Sangfor HCISoftware
Step 1. Writing Image File to USB Drive
  • Launch UltraISO.
  • Select File > Open and load ISO file of Sangfor HCI software from localdisk.

   3.Select Bootable > Write Disk Image and choose the USB drive into which you want to write the image file. Then, click on Writebutton and keep others settings unchanged. You can remove the USB drive after the image file is written to the USB drive.
   4. Enable Virtualization Technology in BIOS, asshown below (Note: BIOS settings vary from computer tocomputer).

Step 2. Installation of Sangfor HCI Manager
  1. Insertthe USB drive into a server, and set the USB drive as the first boot device priority in BIOS settings. Reboot the computer and system enters the following page. Select Install HCI on this machine, and then press ENTERto enterinstallation page.
  2. SelectSANGFOR HCI Installer to begin installation.
   3. Selecta disk where you want to install Sangfor HCI software and then select OK. If there is only one disk, you can select OK directly.
   4. After the disk is selected, you will be prompted to format the disk. Enter “format” to confirm formatting disk, and select OK to continue installation. After you select OK, the Disk Speed Tester page will appear. To test disk speed, select Yes. To skip this step, select No.
   5. Afterinstalling the Sangfor HCI software, you will be prompted to select an Ethernet interface and configure IP address for that interface
(If you skip the step of configuring Ethernet interface, eth0 interface will be chosen and assigned with the IPaddress, and gateway will be set to by default. Ifthere are more than one servers having Sangfor HCI software installed but their NICs are not configured, a same default IP address will be assigned to those NICs,resulting in IP address conflict.)

   6. Selectan Ethernet interface and set IP address, netmask and gateway address, thenclick OK.
(Default gateway can only be set for one NIC. IP addresses configured for the selected interface and gateway should beon a same network segment, otherwise error may occur)
   7. Afterthe selected interface is configured, you will be asked whether to continue to configure another interface. Select Yes to return to network configuration page. or select No to finish the installation.
   8. Afterthe installation completes, remove the USB drive and then select Reboot torestart the server.
   9. 1.     Administratorcan log into Web admin console of Sangfor HCI platform by entering https://IPaddress into browser address bar(that IP address is the IP address of the Ethernet interface selected on the network configuration page).
(Note: Web admin console of Sangfor HCI platform can only be accessed through the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE11, IE10.)

3. Precaution
1. To avoid interruptions during installation process, you must have a redundant power connection with power backup.

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