Racoon Lv2Posted 30 Sep 2022 06:53
It is better to use the Sagfor ES On Prem platform than cloud because you can have much control of it.
Fisher Lv2Posted 30 Sep 2022 09:04
Contact your regional local reseller for the software.
isabelita Lv3Posted 30 Sep 2022 09:10
You can contact your local reseller and request any product demo like Sangfor ES
Franky Lv3Posted 30 Sep 2022 09:52
Free Trial is only you can get at your local reseller.
Robin Lv3Posted 30 Sep 2022 13:11
Sanfor is a hybrid solution so it must have a Cloud Platform
Nami Lv2Posted 30 Sep 2022 13:21
Sanfor ES cloud platform is not downloadable in this community but you can contact your local reseller.
Snipe Lv2Posted 30 Sep 2022 13:37
contact your local distributor to download the cloud version
Brooker Lv3Posted 30 Sep 2022 13:40
Sangfor Endpoint Secure works in tandem with solutions like Sangfor NGAF to both identify and eliminate threats swiftly.
Carrot Lv3Posted 30 Sep 2022 13:49
Thank you all for the answers.
Happpy Lv3Posted 08 Oct 2022 19:55
Yes, It has a cloud platform because it is a hybrid solution

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