[Ended] # Weekly Webinar# Make Security Operations a Reality for SMEs

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 26 Aug 2022 11:25

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The rapid digital transformation over the past several years has regrettably led to more dangerous security threats. Legacy security tools based on passive and preventive protection are becoming less effective by the day. In this light, Security Operations (SecOps) is the recommended best practice to deal with today’s steep security challenges.

Security Operations is a centralized function where people, processes, and technology continuously monitor and improve an organization's security posture. With Security Operations, organizations are better positioned to deal with security events more proactively and effectively. For large organizations with rich resources, establishing fully-fledged Security Operations is not a problem. However, the same cannot be said of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) due to their financial and human resource constraints.

Sangfor aims to break the status quo by helping SMEs overcome the barriers to building effective Security Operations. Join our session, and we will demonstrate how Sangfor NGAF and Endpoint Secure make Security Operations a reality for SMEs.




  • What is security operations (SecOps) and why it is important to maintain your network security posture.
  • What are the barriers that stop small and medium enterprises from establishing security operations.
  • Explained with live demo: how Sangfor helps SMEs to build effective Security Operations with Sangfor NGAF and Endpoint Secure.



Attendees who stay till the end of the webinar will get a chance to win a US$20 (or equivalent in your local currency) Shopping Voucher. Winners will be contacted by Sangfor local team for prize collection after the webinar.
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