Pat Lv3Posted 02 Aug 2022 08:32
1. You should Connect to your NGAF with an firmware updater.
2. Then press F10, choose the Restore Factory Defaults.
Rhebie Lv2Posted 02 Aug 2022 09:05
Connect to Updater first, then press F10 and choose restore defaults.
Ashley Anne Lv2Posted 02 Aug 2022 09:12
1. Connect to your NGAF using a firmware updater.

2. Then, pressing F10, select Restore Factory Defaults.
Rashley Lv2Posted 02 Aug 2022 09:16
1. Use a firmware updater to connect to your NGAF.

2. Then, while holding down F10, select Restore Factory Defaults.
Farina Ahmed Lv3Posted 03 Aug 2022 15:15
Factory restore is a good option but what if in case you are working in production network and you have already configured NGAF then in that case first make a backup copy or if not possible then do the whole task of factory restore in Off hours/days so it may not affect the whole network.
isabelita002 Lv2Posted 04 Aug 2022 09:08
1. In the root directory of U Disk, create a blank text file called reset-password.txt ( Directly in the USB)

2. Restart your NGAF after inserting the USB drive into one of the USB ports located near the eth ports on the front of the device.
3. Take remove the USB Drive when the NGAF can ordinarily log on to the Web User Interface.

4. Check the USB drive file reset-password.txt for results, and if the password recovery was successful, write down the new password in the file. (logs in file produced), otherwise the recovery failure information is noted in the log as failed.
Noman Rajput Lv1Posted 04 Aug 2022 14:04
Simplest way just connect the NGAF Firewall to firmware updater, PRess F10 and select restore factory defaults
Osama Muhammad Lv3Posted 08 Aug 2022 08:56
Steps :

Reset Password with USB drive.

1. Create an empty text file named reset-password.txt in the root directory of U Disk ( Directly in the USB)
2. Insert the USB drive to either USB ports of NGAF at front side where are eth ports and then restart your NGAF.
3. When the NGAF can normally log on to the Web User Interface, pull out the USB Drive.
4. See the results of the USB drive file reset-password.txt, If the recovery is successful, record the restored password in the file. (logs in file created) , otherwise the log is recorded the recovery failure information as unsuccessful.

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