Farina Ahmed Lv4Posted 07 Jan 2022 16:16
Interesting post. I like it.
jetjetd Lv5Posted 15 Jul 2022 13:51
very useful.
Newbie517762 Lv3Posted 24 Aug 2022 15:17
Thanks your information !
Abdul Sami Lv2Posted 03 Nov 2022 15:05
Unable to download training resources ZIP file. It takes too much time and just showing downloading , suggest to move training resources to more speedy infra.
Sangfor HCI.JPG
rogerinfo Lv1Posted 10 Nov 2022 07:34
i will try again to exam
rogerinfo Lv1Posted 11 Nov 2022 07:59
i will check mine
rogerinfo Lv1Posted 14 Nov 2022 07:25
i hope i pass the exam
WillyTheGreat Lv2Posted 25 Nov 2022 14:37
Will try the exam next month
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 03 Dec 2022 13:44
We can do this certification or just for partner?
arjay Lv3Posted 10 Dec 2022 10:31
Hi, i already passed both exam (written and lab) last November 2022. And the e-certificate will be posted on the 10th day of the following month which is December 10, 2022. For me to check the e-certificate, i need to input my name and engineer id. But, i changed my email address. i'm not sure if my engineer id is the same.
Tried searching my e-certificate in self service but no results found. Can someone help me? Thank you!

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