【Ended】# My 2021 [Crazy New Year Party-Event One]

Sangfor Selene Posted 20 Dec 2021 09:53


Hi everyone,

2021 is coming to an end. Thanks for supporting us in 2021.We believe all of you have had a memorable memory during this whole year. Maybe some of you also have some expectation on Sangfor. We have prepared two topics for you. Why not share with us?

Topic 1 #My 2021

Freely share us those memory you feel happy, moved, fulfilled in your work or life or things related with Sangfor.

Topic 2 #Expectation on Sangfor

What advice and expectation do you have on the community?  The related topic is not limited, such as Support service, technical documents, community function, gifts redemption, online serviec etc.

[Activity Award]
1. Best Moved Award: $50 Gift Voucher (6 participants)
-Qualification: This award will be selected by the activity host based on the content quality score, which is counted by PVs, comments and ‘Like’ obtained. Users can not cheat the data, otherwise they will be disqualified.

2. Lucky Award: $5 Gift Voucher (3 participants)
-Qualification: We will select the lucky winners who meet the requirements by a lucky draw tool.

3. Participation Award: 800Coins (No Limited)
-Qualification: All participants who meet the requirements.

[How to Join ]
Step 1: Choose one of the topics above.

Step 2: Create a post and choose [sharing topic] in Sangfor community.

Step 3: The title of the post should start with #My 2021or “#Expectation on Sangfor”. It depends on the topic you chose.
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Step 4: Leave a comment with your post link under this thread.

[Activity Duration]
Dec. 20th, 2021 - Jan. 2nd, 2022

[Activity Rules]
1. Combination of picture and text is preferred. Posting videos can improve your chances of winning.
2. The story or expectation you shared should include no less than 50 words.
3. Quality score=[PVs*2]+[Comments*3]+[Likes*4].
For example, if an user’s postgot 5 Views, 4 Comments and 5 Likes, his content quality score will be 42 scores.


Everyone can participate in Event One and Event Two.

Click here to know more about the Crazy New Year Party and join us!

-------------------------------------/ Gifts Giveaway /---------------------------------------------

Congratulate the following participants on getting the Best Moved Award and winning $50 Gift Voucher.

@Dominic Hendro @Farina Ahmed

Congratulate the following participants on getting the Lucky Award and winning $5 Gift Voucher.

@Johnbada @JennyQR @Apriyanto

The following participants have got 800 coins for their participation in this event.

@rivsy @Johnbada @Dominic Hendro @Jun_Sheng17 @Farina Ahmed @chepadrinao @JennyQR @DanieleP @Apriyanto @adam_ssc @Christ Lee

1.All coins have been given out on Jan,4,2022.
2.The redemption of Gift Voucher has notified via email on Jan,4,2022.
3.The following situation can't meet the requirements of participation award.
    a.The story is less than 50 words
    b.The post is not original
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