Award Announcement for A Survey “HOW ARE WE DOING”

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Dear members,

has been completed last week.We have got a lot of participants joined this program and received multiplee ffective feedbacks for a better understanding of Sangfor products superiority and growth ideas. It is a worthwhile approach for Sangfor to perceive further competitive strategy to thrive. Thank you for all the participants.

Hereby we would like to express our gratitude and announce the prize winners for this campaign, let’s give a great applause. 庆祝 (1).png 庆祝.png

-------------------------------------- 1等奖.png Grand Prize 1等奖.png ----------------------------------
  • Winner: @JokerAce
  • Region: Malaysia
  • Gift to Get: Apple iPad 128G
  • Reason for Reward: Objectively provided significant advice andvisionary suggestion with demonstration in details for both Firewall & HCIfield
  • Spotlight:

Neural-X, Engine Zero, WAF, Risk Assessment, Web Scanner, SD-WAN, Reporting in single security appliance, besides that, most important thing is that Sangfor have allocate local support team (CTI team) to help out the partner and customer when they face an issues on the Sangfor products, it's very easy and convenient to reach out the CTI team to asking help to troubleshooting and checking the issues on the Sangfor products thru email or Sangfor community portal or by phone call, CTI team will attend and respond to the issue reported in the fastest time. The network interface port is too less if compared to the competitor, doesn't support 4G/5G/LTE modem USB connection, doesn't support virtual firewall setup.Enhanced Security for Advanced Malware Protection provides significant malware protection improvement at the network perimeter. All-in-One Endpoint Security Management natively integrated endpoint security with Endpoint Secure which providing simplified management through a Firewall GUI dashboard. Granular Enterprise Asset Management & Traffic Control can help enterprise consolidate business asset management and minimize the associated risk of exposed attack surfaces in untrustworthy network zones. —— FOR NGAF
Compatible with any x86 Server, Built-in with Network Topology Virtualization, NFV (virtual firewall, BM, WANO, SSL VPN & ADC), Built in with CDP without dependent and integrate with 3rd Party CDP solution, 1-Click Health Check, Scalability nodes deployment, Built-in with 1-Click Failover for Disaster Recovery. Lack of duplication & Compression data reduction technologies.aCMP multi-tenancy, partner can create multiple tenants with isolated resource pools respectively. aCMP also provides a centralized management for aCloud clusters across different regions. Disaster Recovery 1-click failover to be achieved after preconfiguring disaster recovery policy at the beginning to reduce RTO significantly. Flexible RPO choices providing a wide range of RPO choices ranging from as minimum as 1 second to minutes and hours to meet various application requirements. Storage Performance Improvement. —— FOR HCI

-------------------------------------- 2等奖.png Second Prize 2等奖.png ----------------------------------

  • Winner: @jetjetdfrom Philippines, @Brian Lai from China (Hong Kong SAR)
  • Gift to Get: Mi Smart Watch for per runner-up
  • Reason for Reward: Provided effective suggestion and valuable guidelineof critical issues
  • Spotlight:

I want to highlight 3 features of Sangfor NGAF that I like. First is the Full Visibility of the Network Security. With Sangfor NGAF Reporting Tools, users are able to have an extensive overview of their network with just a few clicks. You can choose whether you want to see information such as who the online users are, servers, abnormal traffics, attack status, attack source and many more. Second, the Real-Time Detection and Rapid Response which includes Threat Alerts List & Notification which lists all threats listed according to their level, protection status, provides detailed description and recommendation on how to solve it. Risk Assessment Module which allows our users to assess the protection level of their network and make before and after comparison for reporting purpose and Sangfor Cloud Sandbox which help our users isolate possible emerging new threats that haven’t been included in any security database which is very useful against zero-day attacks. Lastly the third feature that I want to highlight is the High-Performance for Application Layer Security. For a successful Application Layer Security, it must be focus on the Detection Methods, Software Architecture, Engine Performance and Computing Power. This is where Sangfor NGAF excels at, with superior technologies overcoming common performance issues. Sangfor's NGAF hardware architecture is optimized for performance with all included security features such as WAF (Web Application Firewall), AV (Anti-Virus), IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and FW (Firewall) able to all computing power to run at the same time with the help of Intel Quick Path Interconnect, Multi-Core Level Processing and Hybrid Processing Model. With Sangfor's NGAF software architecture, resources are not wasted with Sangfor’s “1X” technology that performs all action such as data replication, decapsulation and detection only once. With also one content detection engine and Sangfor patented REGEX engine, users can enjoy a fast & flexible security.interface needs improvement. User wants a user-friendly UI for Sangfor NGAF. Majority of the users are having a hard time configuring some of the features since some of the tasks requires tedious steps which sometimes takes a long time to implement it. There are some functions that can be done in a few clicks with the other firewall vendor. but in Sangfor NGAF it requires many steps. —— From jetjetd
HCI Needs to strengthen security for example, SCP client access need can use 2FA, user or client password policy....many customized bug fix, make it difficult to upgrade. The aCloud, integrate third party 2FA is very good. But security and logging also importance, for us need to audit and review ISO standards, but now not fully meet the standards, need use third party cover. —— From Brian Lai

------------------------------------ 3等奖.png Participation Prize 3等奖.png -------------------------------

  • Winner:  all the remaining participants

@Rahat @Asif @Saifur @honschoi @Jackie Chow @ziyanza @Newbie451055 @Faisal @harryjps @johnbada @Apriyanto @Mitzli @Newbie812523 @Sangfor_SY @Sangfor_Brando @Newbie191628 @KY @Mike Lee @chanjfeng @Newbie362074 @tpchan @tpchan @azizi @rizalm @Farina Ahmed @john @Guillbert @Newbie265286 @jdcastro @JingoJavilles @sekyu @Ellechar @Patrick22 @ITD_Mitch @Alongkon @Jedsadaporn @Jacky Ng @nibeer@hohui @kikotan63

  • Rewards: 2000 community coins
  • Reason for Reward: Provided ameliorative advice and pertinent reviews

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