Server cannot access Internet and not able to ping

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Issue Description

Customer feedback server cannot access Internet and not able to ping by LAN PC after enable Agent.

Handling Process

1. Check micro segmentation policy, found that customer not enable.
2. Disable the Agent, then RDP to the server.
3. Check the latest agent log(Y:\Program Files\Sangfor\EDR\agent\var\log\agent), found that there is micro segment policy push from MGR:
4. Access MGR, go to Response and found that there is 1 server been Isolated 14574606454efb50a2.png

Root Cause

The server been Isolated, so the server connection will be block by Agent.


Restore the server from Isolated list.


Can check with customer why the server been isolated, make sure the server not infected by ransomware else the virus might split across network.
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