200M or 1G Internet speed is below 100M after pass NGAF

Como Lv1Posted 08 Jan 2021 16:06

Last edited by Como 08 Jan 2021 16:33.

A client have two broadband which are 200M and 1000M. If plug the broadband directly, Internet speed can reach 19x and 9xx Mbps.

After connect all broadbands to NGAF, all ethernet connections are shown as 1G lan port. But the Internet speed test from workstations which are using 1G Switch are still below 100 Mbps for both broadband.

e.g. 1000M broadband.

Computer <----> Router <------> Broadband Fiber optic modem   
Internet Speed: 9xx Mbps

Computer <....> 1G Switch <....> NGAF <....> Router <------> Broadband Fiber optic modem   

Internet Speed: < 100 Mbps

Anything wrong that make the Internet speed below 100Mbps only. Please help.

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Johnbada Lv1Posted 20 Jan 2021 12:38
Did you check the NGAF to Router connection speed?
for sure do Computer <...> NGAF <...> Router <...> Broadband Internet

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