#User Guide# How to Submit a Support Case?

Sangfor Elsa Lv4Posted 16 Oct 2020 11:07

How to Submit a Support Case?

1. Log in the community. If you have no Sangfor community account, please register first.


2. Click Open a support case.


3. Describe your case. Select your product, the case severity, fill in the message title and the detailed description of your case. Then input the SN/Gateway ID of your product, and select the product version. Attach any files if applicable. Click Next to continue.



4. Fill in your contact information. Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Company Name, Region, and the Email you want to send a carbon copy. Then click Submit to complete!


5. Your support case is successfully created! A Sangfor Expert will follow-up your case immediately! Please confirm that you can be contacted via the email and phone number you have provided. You can also log in the community to check the case handling process in My Support Case.



Please feel free to contact us whenever you need help! And do not forget to rate our service after the support to help us to better serve you in the future

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Osama Muhammad Lv2Posted 17 Oct 2020 23:56
Sangfor gives awesome support to all customers.
Faisal Lv7Posted 20 Oct 2020 20:06
Thank you very much for the information and the support
Faisal Lv7Posted 04 Jul 2021 09:31
Nice guidance ...

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