isabelita002 Lv2Posted 19 Jul 2022 14:03
Ip scheme is very important when establishing site to site vpn. In you case, you should get rid of the overlapping local IP.
Farina Ahmed Lv3Posted 19 Jul 2022 14:16
An IP conflict occurs when two or more hosts in the same subnet are configured with the same IP address. Pls use different IP schemes. Plus for VPN tunnel, on both sides of sites, the network should be same so routers can communicate on same network.
Imran Tahir Lv4Posted 20 Jul 2022 13:24
Please share network design
Faisal P Lv8Posted 21 Jul 2022 14:21

Please follow the following configuration
Noman Rajput Lv2Posted 26 Jul 2022 20:06
you need change Network or you can further subnet it.

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