Dominic Hendro Lv4Posted 09 Jul 2021 13:29
Hello Jojo,

I want try to translate:

SANGFOR_aCloud_v5.8.6_SAP B1 Migration_Best Practice
SANGFOR_aCloud_5.8.8R1_VM Resolution Configuration Guides
SANGFOR_NGAF_V8.0.6_IP & MAC address binding configuration guide

ALYA Lv1Posted 16 Jul 2021 11:40
hi, can i participate to translate this document
Sangfor WANO Troubleshooting guide for Sangfor VPN build  up failure with Multiline.
Newbie1398 Lv2Posted 16 Jul 2021 11:49
I am interested to translate this document.

1. SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.18_Put Video on Specific Websites And  Reject Other Video Configuration Guide.
Johnbada Lv2Posted 29 Jul 2021 14:21
I want to join and translate

"SANGFOR NGAF_v8.0.8_Web Application Protection_Best Practice"
Ghostlying Lv2Posted 02 Aug 2021 16:12

I want to translate these documents:

SANGFOR_aCloud_5.8.8R1_iSCSI External Storage  Configuration Guides
SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.18_Batch Import User Binding and IPMAC  Binding Relationships Configuration Guide
SANGFOR_NGAF_v7.4_Application  Control and Web Filtering Configuration Guide

Thanks & Regards,
Leo Cahyono Lv1Posted 18 Aug 2021 11:34
Hi Jojo,

Do you have excel file or google sheet of documents that still need translation (not yet translated)?

Thank you