Where are IAM Firmware Changelog published

syedjahanzaib Lv1Posted 15 Aug 2020 22:57

Recently our device was updated for firmware ver 12.0.41
I am unable to see any CHANGELOG about this release. Where can I find the changelog for this & all previous / next version?

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Newbie191628 Lv3Posted 18 Aug 2020 17:40
May I know what CHANGELOG you referring?
syedjahanzaib Lv1Posted 21 Aug 2020 13:55
example when new firmware is launched , what changes have made in this version, what bugs have been fixed etc
Sangfor_Yong Lv1Posted 22 Aug 2020 11:52
Hi bro, for IAM currently there is a 12.0.42 release note. Please refer to the below link.
You may use the same way to filter the release note for other products as well.

http://community.sangfor.com/plu ... ?tags=6&tags=72
syedjahanzaib Lv1Posted 24 Aug 2020 12:52
http://community.sangfor.com/plu ... ?tags=6&tags=72

There is nothing mentioned about what changes have made in this firmware, I wanted to know what bugs fixed in new version, or what new options introduced in new firmware. So strange the DEV/WEB team of SANGOFR have scattered the information here there with no clear path !
Sami Lv1Posted 25 Aug 2020 05:24
Hi Jahanzeb,

While you are installing new firmware using Sangfor Firmware Updater you will came to know on your screen which new functions have been introduced in that particular version.
You can revert to your local Sangfor Team for more information.

Thank you and Regards
Posted 27 Aug 2020 14:54
Last edited by Fitz 27 Aug 2020 14:59.

This is the link of "SANGFOR_IAM_v12.0.41_VersionRelease Notes"I hope it can help you.

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