How does a custom Application Signature Rule works in regards of Policy-Based Routing (PBR)

farhan Lv1Posted 26 Jan 2020 08:39


I would like to set up a Policy-Based Routing (PBR) in NGAF (version 8.0.17) where if the user shall be routed to ISP-A if they would like to access some specific websites. Otherwise, they shall be routed to ISP-B if they would like to access any other websites.

What I did:

1. I created a custom Application Signature Rule where I set the direction (LAN->WAN), Protocol TCP, Dst port and IP Address set to All, and I put the name of the domain name of the website in the Target Domain box.

2. I created a PBR rule where I set the Zone to LAN, Network Objects to All, Destination Network Objects to All, Protocol and Src/Dst Ports to All, and the Application set to the custom Application Signature Rule that I set at step 1. The egress is set to the interface that is linked to ISP-A.




Apparently, this PBR rule didn't work despite I put it at the highest position in the PBR rules list as the NGAF was routed the traffic to ISP-B (default route). May I know how can I achieve my objective and also how does a custom Application Signature Rule works in regards to Policy-Based Routing (PBR)?


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Park Bo Gart Lv2Posted 26 Jan 2020 17:49
it seems that there is no mistake in what you did. I also try this one and will give you feedback.

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