Invitation to Evaluate Translations and Formatting of Localized Documents

Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 23 May 2024 11:08


Dear Forum Users,
We hope this email finds you well. As valued members of our community, we would like to extend an invitation for you to participate in an important evaluation process. In the first half of the year, we have published nearly 300+ technical documents which covers configuration guides, troubleshooting cases, best practices, POC guides and partner certification training into multiple languages (Indonesian Bahasa, Italian and Thai) . Now we are seeking your feedback on the translation quality and formatting.

HOW TO EVALUATE THESE DOCUMENTS?                                                                     

Your feedback will help us enhance the accuracy, clarity, and overall user experience of the documents. We are particularly interested in hearing your thoughts regarding the following aspects:

1) Translation Quality: Please assess the accuracy and fluency of the translations. Highlight any errors, inconsistencies, or areas where the meaning may be unclear.

2) Formatting:Evaluate the layout and readability of the documents. Identify any formatting issues, such as broken links, missing images, or text alignment problems.

To facilitate the evaluation process, we have created a dedicated section on our forum where you can access the localized documents and provide your feedback. We kindly request you to visit [ and follow the instructions provided.


COINS REWARDS FOR YOUR FEEDBACK                                                                           

We genuinely appreciate your time and efforts in helping us ensure the utmost accuracy and accessibility of our knowledge base. In return, we give some coin rewards for the effective feedback for each participant as below:

1) 300 coins for each effective feedback. Each participant can evaluate at most 3 documents.

2) Additional 300 coins will be rewarded if you point out specific problems to us, such as broken links, missing images, or text alignment problems.


1. Who can join this event?
A: Only members from Italy, Thailand, Indonesia regions.

2. How many localized documents can I assess?
A: I’m sorry each member can evaluate at most 3 localized documents. Everyone can submit the feedback three times.

3. How long will it take for us to complete the evaluation?
A: It will take you 5 minutes. But before the evaluation, you need to spend at least 10 minutes reading the documents first.

4. Can I assess the English documents?
A: This time we only need to evaluate the localized documents.

5. When will the evaluation end?
A: We will close the evaluation on June 23rd.

6. How long can I get the reward after I submit the feedback?
A: We will send the coins to your account before 18:00 (UTC+8) every Friday. You can check them in the System message in the community.


If you have any questions or require further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team We are here to assist you.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support and valuable contributions to our community.


Sangfor Jojo Lv5Posted 23 May 2024 11:16
announcement.png announcement.png

The event is only available for members from the Indonesia, Italy, and Thailand regions. Coins will not be rewarded to members outside of these three regions, although you have submitted your feedback to us.
Rotring Lv2Posted 23 May 2024 12:19
Hi,Thanks you
Enrico Vanzetto Lv3Posted 23 May 2024 15:08
Hi, thank you
Enrico Vanzetto Lv3Posted 24 May 2024 05:16
Hi, i sent you feedback using the Microsoft Form link about these three documents: Traffico VPN SSL bloccato dalla policy , La connessione SSLVPN cade ogni 10 minuti, La classificazione del traffico non è in grado di filtrare il traffico della linea 3 .
ubzir92 Lv1Posted 27 May 2024 20:13
This is a great but I suggest adding a brief guide or checklist to help users provide consistent feedback