Combine Interface in sangfor HCI

Ramona Mandhana Lv1Posted 31 Oct 2018 08:47

I have a couple time to install and configuring Sangfor HCI (aCloud) and always set single port for vxLAN, management and Edge Interface and double port for storage interface for agregation link. and every interface has their own switch, in order that in every server at least has 5 ports network interface and also I have to has at least 3 switch, 1 switch for storage interface, vxLAN and the last for management and edge I plug to the same switch.

my question, can we combine Storage interface with vxLAN interface and Edge interface with management interface and what the risk? my plan, I will create link agregation for both of them, storage n vxLAN using 40gbe, mgmt n edge using 10gbe, so in one server has 2 ports 40gbe and 2 ports 10gbe

I ask this because competitor can combine the 4 interfaces in a single port with minimum using 10gbe ports.


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Ting Fong Lv1Posted 31 Oct 2018 14:13
Hi, for your information, it is not recommended to combined the interface.
There will be different traffic flow in one interface when combined different interface in one interface, it might cause traffic congestion and some other issue.
Ramona Mandhana Lv1Posted 13 Nov 2018 12:07
Hi Ting Fong
Thanks for your reply

not recommended its means that its possible to execute
Im realy notice about traffic congestion that's why I using 40Gbe, my plan set up a couple vLAN in single port and switch set with trunk.

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