OS DISK Problem Update At New Release Firmware

Rickysut Lv1Posted 24 Aug 2018 14:19

Hi Sangfor, apakah release firmware terbaru HCI sudah mengcover redundant OS DISK jika rusak?

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CTI Jimy Lv1Posted 24 Aug 2018 16:07

I am not sure whether you are asking for virtual storage recovery or data protection
I will provide both solutions here.

Virtual Storage Backup/Recovery
This is a feature supported by all HCI versions.
When initializing the Virtual Storage, you are required to select 2 copies or 3 copies of backup.
2 copies.png
When one of the disks fails, pull out the malfunctioned hard disk and plug in a new hard disk.
Then, the device will auto recover the data.

Continous Data Protection
For data protection, you may refer to the following link to see if it can fulfill your requirements:
Only HCI v5.8.3 support CDP.

Kindly let us know if these is the solutions are able to solve your issue.
Rickysut Lv1Posted 24 Aug 2018 18:04
Hi Jimy,

I asking os disk redundant fix issue in this new release.
with 5.8.3 when 1 OS Disk broken at server , cluster not move the vm to another server
Ting Fong Lv1Posted 30 Oct 2018 15:59
Hi, may I know whether you using aServer or third party server for the HCI?

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