Trigger Alarm for tenants and send out notification

Newbie048152 Lv1Posted 17 Jan 2020 16:25

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Hi..We are using Sangfor aCloud v 6.0.10.
On Tenant Portal or ACMP can administrator setup alarm to monitor tenants VM usage (CPU, Memory, Storage, Uptime) and set threshold for each item then automatic send out email notification to tenants?
Perhaps if you could assist us on this request.

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marlissn Lv2Posted 21 Jan 2020 10:21
Hi, I suggest you to contact the technical support live chat at this website.
MattFauzy Lv1Posted 21 Jan 2020 14:22
Ermm..Ok, will work with Malaysia Sangfor Team for this request.
chalid112 Lv1Posted 23 Jan 2020 10:09
Hi There,

Kindly check this link for your information, this is include support too

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