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Newbie285448 Lv1Posted 15 Jan 2019 17:57


I set authentification policy with an action of binding user mac address and add valid period for 7 days for captive portal, and I have another policy for limiting only 2 device per user.

If user already used 2 device and want to connect 3rd device, they have to logout from one of the other 2 device first, the problem is after user successfully logout from portal, IAM still assume the divice is atuhenticated because it still exist in User Binding.

is it a bug or is there any workaround for this without the admin manualy deleting on User Binding list ?

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Hi Sir,

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Muhammad Talha Posted 16 Jan 2019 02:48

The mistake is user binding. Against that user if already two MAC address bind then it would not allow 3rd device to connect as only 2 devices(MAC) are limited. You can try without userbinding or allow three devices to connect.

If you don't bind users MAC address then it would allow two devices per user independent of their MAC addresses.
Newbie285448 Lv1Posted 16 Jan 2019 03:48

Thanks for your reply,

My understanding is user binding used so the user doesn't have to login trough portal in given validity period (7 days).

The problem is when user successfully login, they will be redirected to page with Log Out button , when log out button clicked then it says "you have successfully logged out and will be redirected to sign in page" and go to sign in page after count down. but in IAM this user in this device(MAC) is still count as active.

The sign out process with successful message did not work, that is why I asked is it a bug.

thanks & regards.
Sangfor Elsa Lv3Posted 12 Feb 2019 16:12
Hi Sir,

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